We are Electrical and Electronic Engineers with particular experience in the design of Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment.
We design electrical and electronic equipment to meet your specifications and to consistently exceed your expectations, in conformity to the applicable industrial, installation and explosion protection equipment Standards. Our experience and solutions cover Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment, Power Quality and Conversion, Signal and Control, Distribution Panels and  LED Lighting, at low, medium and high voltage, underground and above ground (Group I, II and III) with various explosion protection methods:
Flameproof Ex d
Increased Safety Ex e
Intrinsic Safety Ex i
Purged and Pressurised Ex p
Dust protection by Enclosure Ex t or Ex tD, DIP

If your plant and equipment is important to your Organisation, and will remain important in time; if its conformity to mandatory Standard and legislation, as well as its performance and reliability are critical for the safety of personnel, please read on and feel free to contact us without any obligation. 

For all professional services related to Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment- Design and Inspection, please contact us or visit our Services website  www.flameproof.co or www.flameproof.net.au

Educational Video of this month
This video shows the catastrophic outcomes of an explosion in Hazardous Location. An explosion could be caused by inadequately protected equipment failure, poor maintenance or human error. 
Appropriately designed, manufactuyred and certified equipment is mandatory in all Hazardous Areas and critical for the safety of plant and personnel. 
The quality of the design of equipment and installations, the quality of the materials, the ergonomics, the reliability are all contributors to the safe operation of the plant.
We design control and distribution equipment of any complexity, not only in full conformity to all applicable Standards and Certifications, but also with the most desirable aestetics, ergonomics and functionality.
Our goal is to provide dependable equipment which will consistently and reliably perform, and be serviceable over the life of the plant.
We also assist in the plant and equipment life with inspection, maintenance and service plans.
Explosion at the Tesoro Refinery
Isolator Switch

Explosion-proof and Dust-proof Isolator Switch

Explosion-proof Motor Starter

Ex d DOL Motor Starter with Electronic Protection

Pump Motor Control Panel

Self-protected Star-Delta Motor Starter with Type 2 Fault Coordination applied to a water jet pump for use in Hazardous Area (Oil Rig).

Motor Control Panel

Ex d Motor Control Panel for drilling rig. Controls and protects 10 motors, plus power distribution and lighting for the whole rig. 415V 250...800A.