EJB equipment may include circuits operating at voltage levels above 1000V and up to 6.6 kV 400 Amps for power distribution applications. Voltages up to 20,000 may be present for short duration impulses in ignition circuits with current limited to 20 mA. Such applications require compliance with IEC 60664-1 for creepage and distances as well as for the characteristics of insulating materials used inside the enclosure.

We have designed special terminals for medium voltage applications to provide the safety demanded by such voltage and current levels. 

The enclosures selected for high voltage applications are third-party certified (IECEx) for these applications.

High Voltage Explosion Proof Junction Box

Medium Voltage Junction Box

6.6 kV 200 Amps Explosion-proof Junction Box
FJB7B MV Junction Box rated at 6.6 kV 200A. The terminals are designed for this application and prevent loosening and twisting of the conductors even under severe mechanical stress. The contact pressure and stability of each connection is provided by three independent studs and nuts with shakeproof washers and a solid copper clamp. Individual shrouds and barriers are provided. The insulating material used has CTI >600. Clearance and creepage conform with the requirements of IEC 60664-1 Table 2, 7a and 7b for system voltage of at least 6.6 kV with inhomogeneous field distribution. 
Impulse withstand voltage 70 kV for pollution degree 1, 2, 3 up to 2000 m.
Each conductor is clamped inside a bolted insulated yoke and is terminated with heavy duty long-barrel air tight copper lugs with three stud holes. The lugs are provided with the equipment and shall be used as per installation instructions.
Each terminal consists of a plated copper busbar, three studs, a plated copper clamp that fits on top of the two lugs.
The copper bars and studs are located on a heavy insulating block with double partitions.
Triple Flare Controller Ex d, Explosion-proof

Flare Ignition Controller

EJB6 Triple Flare Ignition Controller
An example of equipment with circuits operating at voltage above 1000V and IS apparatus and circuits inside, is an ignition control panel for flare stack with thermocouple monitoring via IS thermocouple trip relay barrier. The cable entries for IS circuits are separated from any other entry by at least 50 mm distance and are clearly marked near the entries or in the equipment instruction manual. The marking of the equipment containing IS associated apparatus providing the energy limitation (such as IS barriers), includes the symbol for the type of protection of the IS apparatus in square brackets. Any IS equipment or IS associated apparatus installed inside the enclosure is suitably (IECEx) certified. Any conditions and requirements detailed in the Certificate of Conformity of such IS equipment, shall be complied with.